About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Rickki.
  • I’m 19(but I look 12) and crazy.
  • I’m a cis gender female.
  • I’m a college student.
  • I have a type D personality so sorry if I’m negative.
  • Even though I’m negative I love a lot of things and when I like someone it’s deep and real. Basically I still want to be your friend. I
  • I have a new obsession every week .
  • I’m an extremely jealous person
  • I’m random and often in my own world.
  • I’m bisexual.
  • I have TS, look it up. No I’m not a boy.
  • I live in California.

Some of my favorite things are Disney, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Reality TV, and far too many other things to list.

Fun Facts:
Fav Color = Lavender
Fav food= all of it
Fav season = Fall
Zodiac Sign = Capricorn
Year of the pig

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